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Weishun Xu

Architectural Designer at Takenaka Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
M. Arch I AP, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2015
B. S in Architecture, University of Virginia, 2012


As an architectural designer, I have been focusing my attention on understanding the socio-economic dynamics behind architectural programs. Coming from China where rapid urbanization has cultivated all kinds of projects, I see architecture not so much as personal creations but as collective activities in economic, political and civil realms which eventually result in their physical manifestations. While I approach individual projects from the perspective of designers and commissioners, I understand that at a larger scale, patterns of design practice reflect social constructs that require close speculation to critically receive/deny the underlying rules.

Before taking on a two-year researcher appointment in Health and Places Initiatives in Harvard GSD Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure, I have worked at multiple firms in varied design fields, including Maryann Thompson Architects in architecture, Christopher Counts Studio in landscape architecture, and currently Belleds Technologies as the design director in smart LED system product design.


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